InuYasha: Shipping and character comparisons

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InuYasha: Shipping and character comparisons

Post by EvanshaleKnightly on Sat Jun 22, 2013 4:45 am

Ok I am about to rant! First I have to say this anime and KHR are my all time favorite animes. So I feel very passionately about my rant lol. First, I love my boy InuYasha but I get so sick of his still obsession of Kikyo. I mean she is dead and needs to stay dead. It is no longer her soul, it belongs to Kagome. She is a nuisance and yes I guess you could argue that InuYasha has the right to still love her but if that is the case, he should leave Kagome out of it. I am starting to favor Koga as far as shipping goes but I still hold InuYasha above all of em so I am at a crossroad.



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