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Please Read the following

Post by Mama Umbridge on Sun Jun 09, 2013 12:57 am

Hey guys! I would truly appreciate it if you would take a few moments to read the following rules and guidelines for the forum. I'll try to keep it as brief as possible!

1.) Respect
Please be respectful. Respect is key to a functioning society. Respect gets you brownie points in Mama Umbridge's book

2.) Language/Swearing
2.) Try to keep the swearing to a minimum. We want to keep a healthy atmosphere around here. It doesn't have to be G, but it needs to be age appropriate. I can handle a simple 'Oh shit. That sucks.' but anything with 5+ swear words is cutting it, bro.

3.) Bumpage
Please don't 'bump' a post, or I'll 'bump' the ban button.

4.) One Word Responses
Don't be lame and post one worded responses. I mean, come on, Holmes. Make the read worth the wait. I don't want to ask a question like "Who would win? Optimus Prime or the Hulk?" and just get "The Hulk". TELL ME WHY! I DEMAND TO KNOW!

5.) Rude Behavior
Don't be rude. I will use the force to silence you.

6.) Spam
We don't like to eat spam, let alone see it.

7.) Pornography/Nudity
For all the lonely guys out there, I'm sorry for this next one. No nudity or porn. Creative art and 'fun time' art are two completely different things.

8.) Illegal Posts
No illegal activities or posts. We don't want the po-po, bro. Neither should you.

9.) Multiple Accounting
Don't make multiple accounts. Just because you want friends doesn't mean you need to pretend to be the neighbor kid.

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